About Us

PCYS Publishing University
is Owned by Dr. Serena Washington. From conception to completion, every project is being handled by our professional team of consultants. When it comes to our public speaking for public figures, each of our Professors projects is professionally and carefully designed by Hand picks consultants.

In addition to this, most of our projects are done with concern and care for our Sapphire Gold Plated Signature Telesummits: Be It Unto Me Tour: Experience The Cross events, workshops and conferences. We completely believe that service learning, practical experience and internships will greatly help you to obtain your goals for Kingdom entrepreneurship.

Apart from this, our beloved graduates go on to building Leadership teams to show the world how to conduct business the right way. As a matter of fact 95% go on to owning their own non-profit organization or companies.

Dr. Serena Washington, Prophetic planning for Governing Your Own Homes ‘University’ Council Election 2017 Passion – Experience – Leadership to Build a better world and Preparation for Christ’s Kingdom.

We’re passionate about delivering an exceptional publishing & media experience. When you hire us, you’re hiring a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver a Prophetic message for your project.

Many professionals nowadays want to share their knowledge and skills online. We help you create a platform that will let you carry out and conduct online meetings and sell courses derived from books.

​With our help, you can start/ or expand your own ministry, business or non-profit organization by simply becoming a published author or creating a product. We offer detailed courses that will help you greatly in starting, building and expanding your own ministry, business or non-profit organization. In line with this, our offered courses include ministry and business topics that will serve as your guide and key to acquire your ministry goals and success. At PCYS Publishing University, all the training materials are directly delivered to your door. It simply means that you can select a convenient place where you can study or when to study.


Second Covenant Mogul Publishing Media Platform, will be launching a new branding platform, dedicated to building brand and social media presence, while focusing on a clear targeted audience and consistent content generation.
This new service, will strongly Improve SEO, Build Brand Awareness, Attract Media and Sponsors, Shorten Sales Cycles and Cultivate a Community.

How we work?
We are very popular for our stunning designs, honest cost packages, friendly service and prophetic and timely courses. With our expertise and help, we assure you that you will easily and quickly get your Career Certificate in as less time as possible for finishing our Program “Project Create Your Success”. If you decide to choose us, we guarantee you that we can meet and go beyond your publication needs, expectations and demands.

At Second Covenant Mogul Publishing LLC, we specialize in taking the hassle out of your already busy schedule by working out a payment plan. By basing ourselves on the features demanded by big scale authors, we have created innovative, user-friendly publishing service that is now available to new and medium-sized authors.

Our expertise in publishing provided us with the knowledge to develop solutions that answer the needs of today’s authors.