Refund Policy

What About the Guarantee?”

Due to the nature of this offer – being thousands of dollars worth of information and software to Create Your Own University – and to protect the integrity of our customers there is NO money back guarantee.

We know you understand that because of the software and hard work as a customer you could make your payment, download everything, use it in your business and then ask for a refund.

But you would still have all of our content, links and software. That would not be fair to us nor our other customers. Therefore we have chosen to not have a money back guarantee with this offer.

We have sold hundreds of products and we pride ourselves on providing top quality support. We will be there when you need us.
So How Much?

Now we’re at the point where you’re wondering about how much this product will be. Valid question!

Here’s the thing…
If you were to do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you you’re looking at a minimum cost of over $5,000 And believe me I am quite fair when I say that.
But of course you won’t pay anything close to that.
In fact, for a limited time we’re having a great deal. But you need to grab this now before the price goes up.

For a Limited Time You Can Get This University Platform For Only…


Not ……


Not even $2,547