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 PCYS Publishing University 

PCYS Publishing University Helps Aspiring Authors Create Income Producing Products and Publications Online

PCYS Publishing University helps individuals and organizations create income producing products and publications online. The multi service firm was established by campaign specialist and Second Covenant Mogul Publishing LLC founder Dr. Serena Washington to provide assistance for those who want to become authors, plan to create an University platform and require help in developing a successful marketing campaign.

A professional team of consultants handles every project. Everyone in the team is passionate about delivering an exceptional media and publishing experience. Hiring our team means getting the assistance of experts who are skilled and trained to provide one’s desired results for their project.

As a renowned full-service coachingsulting organization, PCYS Publishing University helps clients become an expert in their field. Each participant is supernaturally coached using relevant and quality strategic targeted campaigns and biblical truths to become the best in their field, create an exceptional product and represent God’s prophetic purpose on earth. Through their coaching, interested individuals and organization can expand or build their own business, non-profit organization or ministry by creating a product or becoming a published author. PCYS Publishing University provides comprehensive courses that will help anyone expand or start their own business or ministry. They also provide courses that tackle business and ministry topics, which will serve as one’s guide in accomplishing their business and ministry goals. All the training materials are directly handed to the participants, so interested individuals can choose a convenient place where they can study. This also means that they are free to choose when to study.

Professionals who want to share their skills and knowledge online can also trust PCYS Publishing University to help them build a University platform that will let them sell courses derived from books and carry out online meetings. A team of professionals will teach them how to create and promote their campaigns to improve their results.

PCYS Publishing University believes that service learning, internships and practical experience will help one reach their goals. Participants of the company’s training programs are not only trained to develop the skills they must possess to succeed in their field, but are also encouraged to build leadership teams to show everyone how to do business the right way. 95% of their graduates go on to building their own companies or non-profit organization.